Saints are our heroes and heroines in life. Aspiring to aid in shaping children’s Christian journey, the ‘imitate their faith’ series educate children about behavioral issues, virtues and biblical values, using a fun, engrossing and attractive style. Although these series are directed especially at Coptic Orthodox children, they are suitable for any other Christian denomination. In these unique animation series, we present a wide variety of Christian saints from diverse origins, historical times, ages, genders and backgrounds, to emphasise that we are all called to be saints, irrespective of our differences. Here, Hannah and Mark are Coptic orthodox children, who experience situations similar to any other Christian child. In addition, we have ensured that the morals we want to teach children, are linked to their daily life – something that they can connect, respond and relate to. In order to make the episodes more captivating for children, we have introduced our innovative and creative idea of the ‘magical glasses’. Furthermore, we have paid attention to precisely animate the touristic attractions in our episodes, to provide a flavor of Egypt’s grand and enthralling history. Our goal is to embody the beauty and richness of Christianity – and the Orthodox faith – in our animation series.